Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however only one animal per unit and you have to seek permission before moving in.

In Trongården’s rental units the number of occupants may not exceed the number of rooms.

Yes, electricity is not included in the rent.  Electricity will be billed directly from the distributor

Yes, heating is not included in the rent. Heating will be billed directly from the distributor.

yes, there is an outdoor shed for parking bicycles and prams.

The apartments are prepared to receive YouSee signal via wireless router placed in the technical cupboard. Please note; connection fee may apply. Subscriptions individual.

Deposit of 3 months and 1 month prepaid rent is required.

Yes, it is possible to rent a parking space on terrain. A limited number of spaces available.
Price DKK 300 per month.

ELF Ejendomme. Letting is managed by LokalBolig Projekt.

Some units have storage rooms in the apartment. See floor plans for info.

Units that do not have a storage room will be assigned a secured storage room in an outdoor shed.

No, the floor plan of the apartment may not be altered.

Yes, but the apartment may only be painted in light, neutral colours. Textured paint may not be used. Any repair/maintenance must be carried out by professional craftsmen.

No, it is not allowed to set up fence around the terraces.

Yes, but using gas grills only.