Flooring 3-strip parquet. Oak mat lacquer.
Ceiling height 2.5 metres, but lowered ceilings in hall and bathroom.
Ceilings Concrete, spackled and painted white with visible tracks. Lowered ceilings in hall and bathroom.
Interior doors Painted white.
Windows Window sections in wood/aluminium factory painted.
Interior woodwork Woodwork such as frames, skirting and panels are painted white.
Kitchen HTH KP Mono series, laminated tabletop in grey stone look.
Installed appliances (Siemens) Refrigerator Freezer Induction hob Integrated oven Integrated dishwater Extractor fan Washing machine Condenser tumble dryer
Interior bathroom Sink units HTH “Mono” in white, integrated tabletop and sink in mat white, mirror mounted over the sink in the full length of the tabletop, tiles on the floors and in the shower.
Wardrobes Included in some units, see plans.
Heating District heating and water based floor heating.
Water and heating Submeters for reading of consumption are in the technical cupboard in each apartment.
Electricity and lamps Each apartment has a HPFI safety relay and the electrical board is placed in the technical cupboard. Individual Ørsted meters are placed in the basement. Bathrooms have build-in LED spots in the ceiling. Kitchens have spots under the top units.
Internet and antenna The accommodation is set up til receive from YouSee. Wireless router placed in the techinal cupboard. Pleaste note: connection fees may apply. Subscriptions individual.
Smoke alarm Smoke detectors in all apartments.
Ventilation Ventilation according to laws and regulations. Ventilation unit will be placed in the technical cupboard.
Locks Each apartment is provided with 3 keys to entrance doors, mail boxes and common areas.
Storage Each apartment has access to one storage room. These are located either in the apartment or in the basement, see plans.
Parking It is possible to rent a parking spot on terrain. Limited number of spaces avaiable.