The largest of Trongården’s green neighbours is a very unique piece of Danish nature which has remained largely untouched for 350 years.

Dyrehaven has it all; ancient oak trees that are left standing until they fall over due to old age, large wild and natural plains with a view of Oresund and large populations of deer that demand space, respect and patience from the 7.5 million guests who visit Dyrehaven every year. The sight of these beautiful animals will always impress you – whether spotting a glimpse of them one at a time, in pairs or when enormous herds cross the open plains. In 2015 Dyrehaven was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In addition to soul and exciting stories in Dyrehaven, amusements are lined up in the historic Dyrehavsbakken and several physical activities can be practiced in the wild and hilly forrest terrain all year round. A string of picturesque running routes meander between the trees and can be explored alone, with friends or by participating in one of the many established, annual races in the area.

The blue shaded surroundings

For boaters and people loving the sea, activities in the surrounding areas seem almost limitless. Mølleåen meanders from Øresund by Skodsborg into the country past idyllic Raadvad, Ravnholm forest, Ørholm, the historic Brede and Bredeværket past Sorgenfri and further out into Lyngby lake and Bagsværd lake. This is a great trip to take in a canoe or kayak which can be rented in sereval locations along the way, or just by foot along the banks. In addition, Baadfarten sails on both Lyngby, Bagsværd and Fure lakes – a lovely excursion for young and old.

More nature

In all directions from Trongården nature unfolds in beautiful shades of green. Towards the northwest you will find Ravnholm forest – often referred to as the Danish Switzerland because of its large, hilly forest area. Just west of Trongården, right on the other side of Kongens Lyngby, you will find Sorgenfri Slotspark – a peaceful and foresty garden. Towards the southeast, Bernstorff Castle is located in Bernstorffsparken and on the edge of Øresund Charlottenlund Castle and park reign as part of Charlottenlund forest.